Sunday, July 25, 2010

some old favs

so i don't have anything spectacular done with my nails right now. the humidity has been effecting my nail polish designing abilities... so ive decided to show you some shots from designs i've done in the past.

blue with white polka dots

i don't remember the specific colours i used for this, but i did the dotting with a tooth pick and a lot of patience. and on the topic of dotting, you should totally check out this YouTube video. while you're there, check out cutepolish's other video's designs. She has got some really good ones!

purple with simple flowers

i know this picture isn't the greatest but i think you'll get the idea. i used a toothick again to dot 5 white dots in a circle then dotted yellow in the middle. its very simple and gives a whole lot of interest to what would be an otherwise boring one colour nail!

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