Thursday, July 8, 2010

those 70s nails

tried my hand at water marbleing again this evening. i mixed a random bunch of colours tonight and am quite impressed with the results. i learned a lot from my last attempt so hopefully they will last a little bit longer than the last try. the colours i used this time (in this order) are Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear in Going Green, Avon's nailwear pro in sunshine, Finger Paints in Artistic Azure, and Finger Paints in Tangerine Tint, or green, yellow, indigo, and orange. So nice!

You'll notice in the pictures that my cuticles are really messy. the clean up on your fingers after applying the colour is intense. i'm still working on it. i'm really hoping the colour around the edges of my nails will come off in the shower before i go to work. i've grown frustrated with using q-tips and nail polish remover.

oh, i sealed the whole project up with Seche Vite. absolutely fantastic product! it dried super quick, with a nice gloss finish and it feels like it will withstand chipping. but i'll let you know how that stands up as the week progresses.

i love when you use the water marble technique no nail is the same as the other. and with this colour combination i really think it works. look at the difference between my thumbs:

now the only question is what will i do with my nails next?

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