Saturday, January 29, 2011

new design

when i started painting my nails this evening i had a completely different idea for the design altogether. origanially i attempted to have a v shaped french manicure centred on the tip. fortunately, i soon gave up the notion of perfectly even polish and, instead, got a wonderfully asymmetrical design!

to get this look i freehanded the black tips, using more polish on one side of the nail than the other. then i took my purple striper polish and traced the edge of the black polish. i had to do this a couple of times to make the purple polish stand out a bit more. (although it still doesnt stand out as much as i'd like it to.) to create the flowers i used a toothpick dipped in polish to make small black dots in a circle. then i dotted the purple in the centre. for a little bit more interest, i added a small black dot to the centre of the purple. here's a closer look:

i find freehanding tips so much easier then trying to use those stupid french manicure stickers. all it takes is a bit of patience and a lot of practise! i'm still getting better at it... look at the mess i made on my cuticles! luckily nail polish doesn't stick to skin very well so those mistakes with wear away pretty quickly.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

free man!

i wish i had thought of the idea for this nail art myself. i am such a nintendo girl that it is so fitting. my phone even occasionally buzzes with the sound of a 1-up when i get a text!

And this is how you achieve this look:

thanks cutepolish!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

sparkle and such

i've been terrible so far this year. I have failed to take one picture of wonderfully manicured nails to share. for new year's i did decide to go with the glitter, but not over the top, as such. more important to me this year was to match the nail polish colour to the colour of my shirt. and i amazingly managed to do it. OPI's Blue My Mind matched perfectly! i couldnt believe it. i did a french tip in the blue with a silver fine grain glitter stripe underneath. i coated the whole nail afterwards with a subtle glitter to give it a little bit more interest. wish i had a pic. unfortunatly, i did them in a rush and used a little too much polish so they chipped very quickly. but lesson learned: apply thin coats of polish for a more lawsting manicure!

currently my nails are sporting a super blinged out look. i have a pale pink base coat on the bottom (i forget the specific colour, but it is from sally hanson's extreme wear) and scrapbooking glitter on the top. in person they look awesome. i can't capture the brilliance in the photos. and they also looked way better when i first did them. erg! i gotta stop forgetting about my camera! anyway i'll post the pic regardless:

i really wish i had pink glitter to use on my nails. the silver is great, but i think with the subtle base coat i chose, pink glitter would go together much better. anyone know where i can get some?

anyway, i think it's about time i try my hand at water marbling again... wonder what i'll comee up with this time...