Sunday, July 25, 2010

some old favs

so i don't have anything spectacular done with my nails right now. the humidity has been effecting my nail polish designing abilities... so ive decided to show you some shots from designs i've done in the past.

blue with white polka dots

i don't remember the specific colours i used for this, but i did the dotting with a tooth pick and a lot of patience. and on the topic of dotting, you should totally check out this YouTube video. while you're there, check out cutepolish's other video's designs. She has got some really good ones!

purple with simple flowers

i know this picture isn't the greatest but i think you'll get the idea. i used a toothick again to dot 5 white dots in a circle then dotted yellow in the middle. its very simple and gives a whole lot of interest to what would be an otherwise boring one colour nail!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

those 70s nails

tried my hand at water marbleing again this evening. i mixed a random bunch of colours tonight and am quite impressed with the results. i learned a lot from my last attempt so hopefully they will last a little bit longer than the last try. the colours i used this time (in this order) are Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear in Going Green, Avon's nailwear pro in sunshine, Finger Paints in Artistic Azure, and Finger Paints in Tangerine Tint, or green, yellow, indigo, and orange. So nice!

You'll notice in the pictures that my cuticles are really messy. the clean up on your fingers after applying the colour is intense. i'm still working on it. i'm really hoping the colour around the edges of my nails will come off in the shower before i go to work. i've grown frustrated with using q-tips and nail polish remover.

oh, i sealed the whole project up with Seche Vite. absolutely fantastic product! it dried super quick, with a nice gloss finish and it feels like it will withstand chipping. but i'll let you know how that stands up as the week progresses.

i love when you use the water marble technique no nail is the same as the other. and with this colour combination i really think it works. look at the difference between my thumbs:

now the only question is what will i do with my nails next?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

this and that

so this week hasnt been the best for my nails. while my marbilized nails looked fantastic, i did not realize how thin the layer of polish on the actual nail was. one slight touch of nail polish remover destroyed hours of work. i was not happy! lesson learned however: only use q-tips to take the excess polish off and use LOTS off top coat!

the rest of the week in polish was no better. every polish i applyed got smudged almost immediately. i was very frustrated. no pictures will be posted. even today, when i finally redeemed my gift certificate for a spa manicure (given by a friend a mere year and a half ago) did i smudge the perfect job the manicurist did within a half and hour after application. erg. but, on the plus side, i found a new amazing colour: An Affair in Red Square by OPI. Normally I prefer pinks to reds, but this one really shines and caught my attention.

last, but not least, i have some fantastic news! Sally Beauty Supply has opened a location in St. John's!!! It is up on Kelsey Drive across from the staples that will be opening soon. I am super happy and spent far too much money there. I love the finger paints brand of polish. you can also get seche vite there, which is afast drying top coat. i havnt used it yet, but when i do i'll let you know what i think.