Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Many of you may be surprised about the pic I am about to post. My nails have been trashed as I have been working in the warehouse by myself for about a week. I've had some serious breaks and have cut them all down.

My nails are the shortest they have been in a very long time. It feels very uncomfortable and texting is difficult. I'm posting this anyway because I want to talk about how i painted my nails today. Normally, I am not one of those girls who waits til the last minute to do her nails. I rather leave the house without any make up on then with no nail polish on. Usually, I plan my nail colour and/or art in advance. Not today. 15 minutes before my ride came today I decided to put essie's good to go rapid dry top coat to the test.

I didn't have anytime for art or anything remotely complicated. I choose basic black. It's simple and kinda suits short nails. I did one quick thick coat in LA Girl's Blackout (NL 395) (on the left) waited a minute or two and put on essie's new top coat (packaging in the middle and bottle on the right). I was a bit disappointed. it did not set nearly as quickly as seche vite. when my ride did show up, i was only really good to go because i used seche vite on top of everything. so in a real world test, when you're pressed to get your nails done quickly, this top coat just doesn't beat seche vite. i think i may never find anything as good as it. that being said, i think the essie product did dry the colour underneath quickly. normally when i use seche vite over polish that is still damp, it smudges. This time it did not. as soon as the seche vite was dry, all the polish was set. didn't even hurt the polish when i put on my coat. so right now, i don't think i'd recommend this top coat over seche vite. but since i paid for it, and it's not the cheapest, i'll probably give it another try.