Monday, March 21, 2011

Paddy's Day Nails - Dots!

For Paddy's Day week this year I sported 2 nail styles for the week. This is the first one I tried. I decided thst for the actual day, this was just not enough sparkle and shine so I did something entirely different the night before (I'll post about that one tomorrow or the next day.) For this design, I just painted a green background and put a whole lot of white dots on top. Loooooove the dotting tool! I did my nails in well under 2 hours this time. Amazing for me!

The background is American Apparel's Hunter (#36504), the dots are just some basic white I have lying around. I think it's Sally Hanson. Any white should work fine. I find they're all about the same. Over the top is a layer of Sally Hanson's Diamond, which is aa clear polish with micro glitter in it. You can't really see it in the picture but it added so much in person. I love that polish. It is my go to polish when my nails just need a little more interest.

I gotta mention the American Apparel line. I've been dying to try their polish for ages. One If the bloggers I follow uses it in almost every design she does and I wanted to see how it stacks up. Didn't think I'd get to try it until the summer when I go away... but there's an American Apparel in the mall now!! Wee!! And it is great! the polish applied evenly and dried super quick. Both times I've used it, I could have gotten away with one coat if I hadn't have slipped up so much in application. Anyhoos, I highly recommend it!