Saturday, July 3, 2010

this and that

so this week hasnt been the best for my nails. while my marbilized nails looked fantastic, i did not realize how thin the layer of polish on the actual nail was. one slight touch of nail polish remover destroyed hours of work. i was not happy! lesson learned however: only use q-tips to take the excess polish off and use LOTS off top coat!

the rest of the week in polish was no better. every polish i applyed got smudged almost immediately. i was very frustrated. no pictures will be posted. even today, when i finally redeemed my gift certificate for a spa manicure (given by a friend a mere year and a half ago) did i smudge the perfect job the manicurist did within a half and hour after application. erg. but, on the plus side, i found a new amazing colour: An Affair in Red Square by OPI. Normally I prefer pinks to reds, but this one really shines and caught my attention.

last, but not least, i have some fantastic news! Sally Beauty Supply has opened a location in St. John's!!! It is up on Kelsey Drive across from the staples that will be opening soon. I am super happy and spent far too much money there. I love the finger paints brand of polish. you can also get seche vite there, which is afast drying top coat. i havnt used it yet, but when i do i'll let you know what i think.


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