Sunday, August 1, 2010

Purple Power

i was totally feeling the power of purple and decided to paint a simple french tip with 2 shades of purple. for the base i used a light purple. it's luxe lavender by avon. i'm not very impressed with this polish. the application was very clumpy and uneven. eventually i got it to look ok, but i dont recommend it. doesnt give me much hope about the grey avon colour i purchaced at the same time.

then i free handed a slanted vertical french tip in a deeper shade of purple: china glaze's tempest. i LOVE this colour! i had no trouble with application, except for my lack of skills. but i covered up my wobbly handiwork by painting a black stripe between the 2 colours. i think the black makes the look really pop. i used the stripe rite black, which is one of the nail art polishes with the rally thin brushes. it makes application really easy. i sealed the whole thing off with seche vite.

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