Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i got bored and painted my nails again

the title says it all! tonight i decided to swap my purple nails for pink, but i wanted more of a challenge. so that meant water marbling my tips. i tell ya one thing though, i will not be trying to use glitter polish in a water marble any more. the polish doesn't spread out evenly with the other colours. i couldn't get the patterns to swirl the right way at all.

tonight i swirled the sparkle with 3 avon colours in shades of pink: cherry jubilee, mulberry, and viva pink. the sparkle i chose was sally hanson diamond strength in colour 5 - diamond. then i swiped some white underneath with stripe rite to seperate the tips from the base. i used avon's adhesive base coat and then applied a thin coat of sally hanson's hard as nails in colour 9 - cotton candy, which is a shear pink colour and hardly noticeable. then i sealed the whole thing with seche vite. i'm ok with the results. but they are not as spectacular as i anticipated they would be. i actually think the picture makes then look better than they do in real life.

this time, i taped my nails to get the french tip and to avoid massive water marbling-related clean up. i gotta say, using the tape is worth all the hassle. i still need to do a little clean up, but it wont be the hours and hours i took me the last time i did water marbling. i still dont like the feeling of tape on my fingers :(

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